Deluxe Cocoon Dog Beds

The deluxe cocoon dog bed is a Collared Creatures exclusive design that you wont find anywhere else.

The deluxe cocoon dog bed is known for its a thick tubular bolster pillow that creates a ring of supported comfort. The dog bed is also made from the highest quality handpicked fabrics. The outer shell made up of luxury oxford fabric that creates a soft and practical hood. The internal of the cocoon dog bed is lined with a luxury faux fur fabric, that is soft to touch, but made to last.

Unlike the original cocoon, the deluxe cocoon dog bed has a high quality 600 denier oxford fabric that is durable and water resistant. Oxford fabric is a very closely-knit fibre which creates a hair repellent like surface, making it suitable for wiping with a damp cloth (why not waterproof?).  

Another addition to the deluxe cocoon dog bed is its removable 10 cm solid foam pillow, which essentially can act as a separate bed and can be easily removed. The deluxe cocoon comes with a removable tube, which is intended to be used as an aid for familiarising your dog with entering.

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