Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update / Fulfillment Starts Again

Collared Creatures
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update / Fulfillment Starts Again
Dear Customers
Its great news, due to some restrictions being relaxed and others lifted by the government our fulfillment center will be open again from Tue 26th May.
This means we will be able to dispatch all our products once again. Please be aware that deliveries are still taking slightly longer than normal to go through the postal system so please be patient with us.
We are still struggling to get some of our out of stock products back in but we are expecting a delivery of all beds, drying coats, blankets at the start of June, so we should be showing everything back in stock then.
We would like to say thank you for being so patient with us and sorry if this has caused an inconvenience to anybody
Collared Creatures Team

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