Harris Tweed Keyrings | Key Fobs,

Collared Creatures Luxury Handmade Harris Tweed Keyrings / Key Fobs 

These beautifully designed and gorgeous Tweed keyrings are a perfect size, they are big enough to make it easy to find your keys yet small enough to fit in your pocket. 

Available in the full range of tweeds we use for our dog collars and accessories so will make a great addition to your collection of tweed dog accessories.

Our Tweed Key Rings are lined with a contrasting Kona fabric and have a very strong webbing core which is fitted on to a 1 inch wide sturdy metal key fob, all these features make them strong & durable and last the test of time. Each keyring is handmade, as is the tweeds we use so no two will be identical, making them truly unique and that's the beauty of our handmade products.

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