Signature Collection – Luxury, Handmade Rope Slip & Clip Leads

Bespoke Rope Slip and Clip Leads – simply styled for a bold and beautiful look 

Our Handmade Rope Slip and Clip Leads are part of our Signature Collection – every lead is custom made, unique and stunning.

Each of our leads is handmade to order, using a 10 or 8mm durable, weather-resistant, yet smooth and silky PPM rope, with a wide choice of different coloured whipping for binding.

The edges around the lead handle and slip collar are tightly bound to create an extra-strong and secure finish. We’ve added an additional biothane stopper feature to separate the collar from the lead and provide extra safety and added a handy ‘D’ ring attached to the lead handle.

We offer a choice of 5 different colour fastenings: brass, stainless steel, rose gold, black or white.

Customer made – to deliver style and individuality

Our Handmade Rope Slip and Clip Leads are custom made, so you can achieve your very own unique style. We offer customers a choice of 24 different colours of PPM rope and 44 shades of Paracord, Leather or Eco-leather whipping for binding.

We provide a choice of 4 different lengths of lead ranging from 1.2 meters up to 2.1 meters.

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