About Us

Collared Creatures was born out of a passion of all things dog. We make a full range of beautiful and simply styled, luxury handmade dog accessories for the home and outdoors.

 We started our business way back in 2014, it grew from wanting to find beautiful dog collars for our dogs, that was practical and hardwearing but didn’t compromise on style – we really struggled, so we decided to make our own collars.

One passion led to another and before we knew it our family, friends, and the local neighbourhood started to ask us if we could make collars and leads for them too – and before long, we were making our first ever Dog Cave Bed and very own Dog Drying Coats!

Six years on, we’re proud to have expanded, to offer a full range of beautiful and simply styled, luxury handmade dog accessories for the home and outdoors.

We offer doting dog lovers an exclusive range: Luxury Dog Beds, Luxury Blankets and Sofa Throws, stunning Collars & Leads, and Practical Dog Drying Coats.

We delighted to have also launched our own bespoke Signature Collections of different styled Collars and Leads.

Who We Are...

Collared Creatures are a small and family run, independent British Business.

Our business is all about ‘Nurturing Love’, making products that create special moments for you and your dog and helping you build that amazing dog and owner bond.

We take the time to source the finest quality materials and constantly perfect our product designs to deliver real comfort, ideal fit and practicality – giving you dog accessories that keep your dog feeling warm, safe and utterly loved.

What we do...

At collared creatures our mission is to provide fellow dog lovers with the finest range of beautiful products for your pooches! We have a great selection of beds to make sure your furry companions feel safe, cosy & warm. We also have a large selection of exquisite hand crafted collars & leads.

We’re inspired every day, by designing beautiful and gorgeous dog accessories for you and your dog to enjoy in the home and wear on outdoor adventures.

Our Passion...

Following our passion for dogs and doing what we truly love makes every day special for us.

We understand dogs and how delighted owners are when they see their dogs having a soft and cosy bed to rest and relax in, collars that make feel safe and dog drying coats that get their dog dry, warmed up quickly and feeling cosy.

Like you, we cherish the strong bond that we have with our dogs and love nothing more than to create those special moments for you to share with you dog too.

Take a look at our collections of luxury handmade dog collars and leads, cosy and warm dog beds , our luxuriously soft dog blankets and our perfectly practical dog clothing